And so the road begins…

After what at times felt like an eternity, but really only amounted to about 4-5 months, Andrew and I can announce that we are moving to Lausanne, Switzerland July 1!

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For those of you not entirely familiar with how things went down, I’ll share a little background. In late 2014, Andrew began pursuing an international rotation with KPMG in Switzerland and was able to connect with a partner who had been searching for a senior auditor familiar with SEC filings to work in Lausanne. Once it became clear that Andrew was a good candidate for the job, we made the decision for me to pursue a job in Switzerland and join Andrew abroad. Given my prior experience with KPMG, I was able to apply for a position with the firm in Lausanne, as well.

After weeks of wondering and waiting, the stars aligned and we’ve been given the opportunity of a lifetime!  Both of us have been hired to work with KPMG’s Audit practice in Lausanne, Switzerland from July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2017!

Since we have both accepted offers, the next step is for KPMG Switzerland to apply for our work permits from the Swiss government on our behalf. We have heard this can take many weeks, so we’re just sitting tight until that happens, crossing our fingers that we are granted these permits. The permits are not guaranteed, so we hope to not be in the small percentage of people who are denied.

As we go through the next couple of months preceding our big move, I’ll post periodically how things are going and what we’re doing to prepare to move. My hope is to have a little journal of this for myself, and also to have this here in case there are other people out there going through an international move who may find this information useful.

This is all incredibly exciting, and now that we’re exactly …. 75 days … from our first official day in Lausanne, it’s going to be here before I know it. Until then, I’ll be soaking up my last days in San Francisco, dreaming of adventures to come as an expat in Switzerland!

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