So long Buchanan Street

So, do we say … Au revoir, cher appartement? Trying to work on this French thing!

Yesterday was the last day in my Marina studio apartment. I finished moving out and am now living with Andrew at his apartment. This was my first home in California after I moved cross country in 2012 and the first time I lived alone. For anyone who has visited, they’ll remember the door bell which rang from actual chimes in the bedroom wall, the three closets that ran the entire length of my bedroom (every girl’s dream come true!), the ancient oven where I had to light the pilot light myself (and nearly singed off my eyebrows the first time I did it, that was a close call!), the gorgeous dark red carpeting in the building hallways, the drop down ironing board in the kitchen wall, the pull out cutting board in the kitchen cabinets ….this place had some real …. character 🙂 It’s been a good time, I’ll remember it forever!

Buchanan Street

Now that it’s June 1st we’re finally in the home stretch. One month from today is our start date in Lausanne. We’re still waiting to hear back from KPMG that our work permits have been approved by the Swiss authorities, which we hope to happen any day now!

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