And we’re off!

 This is it! We’re off on our grand adventure to Lausanne, Switzerland for the next two years! Dr. Seuss puts it perfectly in his book, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go.” Here’s a link in case you haven’t read it in a while, perfectly summarizes our feelings today!

We’re now sitting at Washington Dulles airport, waiting for our 5:20 pm flight with Aer Lingus and fitting in a celebratory beer. The check-in went smoothly, much to our relief as we’d been curious how the staff would receive all of our baggage. The airline check-in staff was super helpful and managed to save us $100 on baggage fees (which is huge when you’re checking 7 bags, three of which are 70lb overweight bags!) and they also moved our seats so that we’re sitting together in our own row by ourselves near the front of the plane, which we weren’t able to arrange ourselves when we booked the tickets last week.  Tonight we have a short layover in Dublin, Ireland and then ultimately arrive in Geneva, Switzerland at 10am local time Saturday July 11. Our relocation specialist will be picking us up at the airport and driving us directly to our temporary apartment in Lausanne, which is about an hour away from the airport. We will have wifi in our apartment, so I’ll keep you up to date once we arrive. Until then, let’s hope for smooth air and that all seven of our bags (which I can’t stress enough, contains ALL of our belongings!) come through at baggage claim in Geneva and we can sigh with relief that we made it. So long, USA! A plus tard!

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