Reporting to you from … Lausanne, Switzerland!

We made it to Lausanne!! Our flights went smoothly and everything was on time. All of our luggage made it exceeeept for my one huge red bag, which not-so-conveniently has 99.9% of my clothes. Thank goodness I thought ahead to pack in my carry on an outfit and workout clothes in case this happened! In the airline’s defense, the bag was 70 lb and so big it could carry a body (maybe more?) so no wonder it missed our connecting flight in Dublin. We should get the bag soon, it’ll all work out.

We met our relocation consultant, Philippe, at the airport and he brought us to our temporary accommodation. It’s an efficiency studio located at Rue Caroline 23 in Lausanne. It’s rather small for two people and we’re already running into each other but it’ll do for the next few weeks until we can move to our permanent apartment.

Our studio efficiency on Rue Caroline with a balcony. The little kitchen area includes a dorm-size fridge, electric stove top, espresso maker, toaster and an electric tea pot. We even have a closet in the entryway, which I hadn’t expected to see in Europe! Bonus! At first we thought that the window to the balcony had no curtains or blinds, so for our first two days we had been really mad that there were no shades to protect our decency and were ready to talk to the apartment management about needing curtains. Well, today we saved ourselves some embarrassment. After looking at a ton of apartment buildings, we realized that most buildings have blinds on the exterior. Once we returned to our apartment, we realized the strange rods hanging from our windows help to lower the blinds from the outside that I SWEAR WE HADN’T SEEN BEFORE. We have blinds to block the sun, keep our room a bit cooler and also prevent our neighbors from watching us walk around. What other oddities do the Swiss have in store for us!?

Saturday night, after a much needed hour and a half nap to catch up on our rest, Andrew and I headed out to check out our new town. We grabbed pizza from a food truck by an outdoor bar at the Place de la Riponne and hung out eating and drinking some beers.  

After dinner we went to a bar recommended to us by a former expat, The Great Escape. A city music festival is going on, so we caught some music there and also at this awesome spot below a bridge, Pont Charles Bessieres. By 9:30 we were exhausted and I think by 10:15 I was passed out on the bed still in my tank top and jean shorts while Andrew talked to his family on the phone. Whoops!

                                          View of Lausanne from the cathedral at sunset
                                                                               Concert in an alcove below Pont Charles Bessieres

Sunday we were awake by 7am thanks to the sun and heat. Sure missing A/C already! We headed out around 10:30 this morning to explore and get to know the neighborhoods in preparation for our apartment hunt on Monday with Philippe. After getting to see Lausanne today, we are so happy we’re here and are so excited to live here!

                                                                                             Palais de Justice (Palace of Justice)
                                   Lac Leman (Lake Geneva) in Ouchy overlooking those absolutely perfect Swiss Alpine peaks
Lac Leman in Ouchy. Out there on the water we saw a ton of paddle boats but not just your average paddle boat! These had slides, umbrellas and lounge chairs. I think I see what I may need to do on my birthday this week 😉
                                                                    Having drinks in Ouchy looking out over Lac Leman.

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