Fêtes de Genève

This week Andrew and I had it pretty good, work was busy enough but there was no overtime and we were able to fit in some runs in the mornings. It heated up again in Lausanne, reaching the 90s by the end of the week and today was our first full lazy, rainy day.

Thursday was my Dad’s birthday, when he would have turned 57. To celebrate and in remembrance of him, Andrew and I made our way to Bruxelles Café, a Belgian restaurant recommended to us by a girl from KPMG who had done a similar rotation in the past in Lausanne. We both ordered Belgian beers and did a toast to my Dad – it was definitely a place my Dad would have loved. The burgers and tapas were delicious and the vibe was really chill with good music and outdoor seating on the sidewalk – I can see us going there more in the future. Friday night after work we went to an apéro at a friend’s house, which is really just being invited over for drinks and apps, then we went out to King Size Pub for drinks in Le Flon.

Saturday we went to Etoy and Aubonne to plan out what we want to buy for our new apartment. As you can imagine, all the stores here are different and there is no Target or Bed Bath & Beyond equivalent to buy apartment supplies. After talking to our co workers and some other expats, we learned about some stores to give a shot. We went to Interio and Pfister which had a really nice assortment of home goods. We will buy our furniture form IKEA just because it is the most affordable aaaand they will deliver to our apt, but these other stores will be good for linens, kitchen ware and other decorations. We learned about Hornbach, which is the Swiss equivalent of Home Depot – seriously. Like down to the orange signage and layout of the stores, I would have sworn we were back in the U.S. hardware store! Next weekend, we move in to our permanent apartment and have a trial subscription to use a Swiss car sharing service, Mobility, which is just like ZipCar but with many car options. We will rent a big van to move our stuff to our new apartment and then go out shopping for all the other stuff we need – which is a lot since we are starting our apartment from scratch. I have to admit, it is fun to be able to start new and begin all over again with decorating an apartment!

Saturday night we took the train to Genève for the FÊTES DE GENÈVE, which is a huge festival that has been going on recently in the Geneva area and culminates with a Saturday night hour long, “pyromelodic” (yep, that is a word they used haha) Grand Fireworks show on Lac Léman, which is advertised as the largest and longest fireworks show in all of Europe. The show was indeed amazing, and was choreographed to music that was broadcast on loudspeakers throughout the city. There was a big festival going on leading up to the fireworks show, with tons of food vendors and a big amusement park set up all along the shores of the lake. We were only able to see a little bit of Genève, but the glimpse we got of the city made us really excited to return and explore a bit more another time.

Fetes de Geneve

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