Moving Day

Finally! The day came! Andrew and I packed up our stuff from the Rue Caroline temporary apartment, stuffed it into a Mobility rented minivan and got all our belongings into our new permanent apartment 🙂  The weekend was such a blur. We moved in Friday night and took off work on Monday so that we would have the whole weekend to work on the apartment. We were so excited that even though we didn’t have our bed yet, we slept on our camping mats with our sleeping bags on Friday night! The weekend was spent putting furniture together and a lot of shopping. Pretty sure our debit card is still hot from the number of times it has been swiped. The apartment is slowly coming together as we assemble furniture and begin to decorate. It will take some time but it’s moving along!

Our kitchen, including a dishwasher (YES!), full fridge and freezer, plenty of storage space and a small balcony. Such a joy to have a full kitchen again and the SPACE to cook!
Before Look of our living room and the balcony to the front of the building.
Before Look of our bedroom
Our bags threw up. But otherwise, this will be where our little dining room table will go 🙂
Before Look: The guest room/office
Some progress in the living room. Don’t worry yourself about Andrew toiling away for three hours to put together our couch, check out that beauty of a lamp I put together!!!
More cardboard then we know what to do with in the guest room
Our little oasis in the middle of moving madness 🙂 Finally got the couch together, a PLANT, and, oh yeah, more cardboard. If anyone would like to build a fort, please come over because we could make something happen!

This weekend we met our neighbors that share our floor and also neighbors from a floor above, both of which are couples around our age and super nice. One is even an auditor from PwC! On Monday we met with our building’s concierge. She is Italian, and spoke absolutely no English. With our meager French abilities and hand gestures we managed to communicate with her enough to understand how to use the laundry and what to do about our trash and recycling. That was quite the exercise!

Also, would you believe this …. I applied to House Hunters International back in May to try to be on the TV show because they had a casting call listed on their website. I thought we would be perfect! Because, we would, obviously 🙂 Well, no word since then. I had assumed it wasn’t going to happen for us, moving on. Well. Guess who I got an email from on Friday? A representative of the casting team for House Hunters International!! On the exact day we were moving into our new apartment. ughhhhh <big fat sigh of disappointment>. It is too late for us to participate as we do not have the five days they require for filming. Interestingly enough, they would be willing for us to interview to be on the show even though we recently moved into our apartment. So, for those HGTV fans out there, re-think how authentic you think those international house hunts are! Because clearly they were ready to create some fictitious house hunt for us in Lausanne.

We are being VERY responsible and have decided to ignore our move-in tasks and take advantage of the slow times in the office to take a couple days of vacation and go on our 1st out of Switzerland adventure! Early tomorrow morning we have a one hour flight to Nice, France and are traveling to Antibes in the Côte d’Azur (French Riviera), where we have rented a 1 bedroom apartment on the coast from Thursday to Sunday. We have plans to laze about the beaches, go for morning runs along the Mediterranean and definitely sneak our way over to the Casino de Monte-Carlo in Monaco for an evening. It is so soon – I can’t wait to get there!

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