Herzliche Grüsse vom Münchner Oktoberfest!

Back in February when it was starting to come together that Andrew and I might be moving to Switzerland, we immediately booked a hotel reservation for Oktoberfest in Munich just to have it ready. We are so glad we did because we made it! This was my third time and Andrew’s second and we can’t wait to go back again and again – it’s so fun!

We elected to take the train, as it was cheaper and only a couple hours longer than flying. We were so glad we did. We bought our tickets two months early and managed to get first class. We enjoyed the space and comfort of the train, including the Oktoberfest theme decorated restaurant car, all the way to our destination. It was a really nice way to travel if you have the time, and has way more room and better views out the window than on a plane.

The restaurant car on the train to Munich. They had decorated for Oktoberfest and had a special menu as well. perfect for getting the party started for our weekend!

On Thursday upon arrival in Munich we immediately went to Oktoberfest and stayed for the rest of the day. We spent our time in the Augustiner tent then roamed around and road some of the roller coasters and even went into a fun house.

On Friday we woke up with a sense that we needed to see some of Munich besides the festival grounds. We had a late breakfast at our hotel then set off to walk through the Altstadt (Old town). We managed to catch the time when the Glockenspiel did its little dance, which was cool as I hadn’t seen it since I was here during my study abroad program in 2007.

The Munich Rathaus (City hall)

We continued walking around a bit and then, well … we spent the rest of the day at Oktoberfest 🙂 we met up with Lauren, our friend living and working for KPMG in London, and some friends from SF and NYC. A friend of a friend works for Anheuser-Busch and was kind enough to give a group of us a reservation for an evening table at the Ochsenbraterei tent. That was like gold because getting a table for a group would have been really hard on a Friday night! We made friends with a German couple, rode some roller coasters together at the end of the night and got invited to their wedding. Not bad for a Friday!

Andrew and I at the Weinzelt taking a break from the beer to have some German wines
Friday night at the Ochsenbraterei tent with Patrick, Olivia, Lauren, me and Andrew

Saturday we woke up early and got in line at 7am at the Löwenbräu tent in order to get into the General Admission seating when they open at 9am, which is funny enough exactly what I did back in college when I studied abroad in Antwerp. Plans worked out and we got a sweet spot right next to the band. We spent the day and had a blast drinking good beer, eating delish German food like cheesy spätzle and roasted chicken, singing and dancing and meeting people from all over the world. Oktoberfest is such a good time and I seriously do not get tired of it and can’t wait to go again next year!

So many chickens on the rotisserie in the Löwenbrau tent
Saturday at the Löwenbrau tent

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