October Weekends in Lausanne

We elected to slow down the travel in October and spend time in Lausanne. SOME of us thought this was great, because we could go shopping on Saturdays while stores are open 😉 We explored our local mountains, tried some new restaurants, got to spend some time getting to know a couple of our neighbors better…and ran a 10k!

The first weekend of October we drove out to the town of Champex and climbed to the top of Le Bonhomme (The Good Man). The trail was no joke, barely any proper switchbacks (at least what I’m used to from the States) and practically straight up. But, we scaled a few thousand feet in elevation in 2.5 hours and got an incredible workout so we weren’t complaining. Oh. And the view wasn’t too bad either 😊

Andrew on a section of the hike where some rock climbing was necessary.  There were a few points along the trail that had fixed chains to hang on to for stability, which added a cool element to the trail experience. Definitely had fun breaking out my climbing skills at a few points along this hike!
For the first half of the hike, the clouds were on the move constantly, so we would at one minute be surrounded by clouds with no view, and the next you would turn the corner and see something like this peaking through. 
Another view all around when the clouds cleared at one point as we were nearing the summit
Resting at the top of the mountain!

The second weekend of October, we headed for the town of Trient and hiked up to Col de Balme. This hike was really enjoyable. The first mile or so was a more reasonably walkable series of switch-backs up the mountain than the other hikes we have done. After we cleared the tree line, we walked up through a mountain pass, with the valley opening up behind us. The ground was frozen with frost all around and many trees below us were a gorgeous autumn hue of red, yellow and orange. Upon reaching the pass, we were awarded with a beautiful glimpse of the mountains in France as we found ourselves standing on the border. After an encounter with a Frenchman and his dog Pearl, Andrew’s admirable use of his French conversation lead us to the discovery that we were staring at none other than the famed Mont Blanc and the ski town of Chamonix! We had no idea we were so close to it, and boy was that peak gorgeous. We can’t wait to go for a trip this winter. Afterwards we hiked to the top of one of the closest summits and took in a view of the Rhone valley.

Right above tree line and even with the stratus cloud layer hanging over the valley. Luckily it burned off later and opened up our view of the Rhone valley
There she is! Mont Blanc on the right
A little ridge running on the trail to the final summit. I love when you are able to hike on ridges like this, you literally feel like you’re on top of everything and the 360 view was amazing
Our Mobility Honda Jazz annnnnd a glacier in the background!

Last night Switzerland did the Fall Back in time, so we got an extra hour of sweet sleep. Which was a good thing, because today we ran in the Lausanne Marathon 10k! It was kind of odd, the 10K race didn’t start until 10:45am, and the half marathon didn’t start until 1:45pm! The race started in Lausanne in a park (Parc de Milan), and took us on an out-and-back course to the town of Lutry and then back to finish along the lake front in Ouchy. We ran along the streets, having beautiful views of the mountains, the lake, the vineyards in Lavaux, and even for a portion we ran along the quaint cobblestone streets of Lutry. Overall, given the really serious training we did prior to the race almost complete lack of training we did, we both had really great runs, excellent energy and a lot of fun getting to run a race in our new hometown. It was nice to be in another country but get to share a morning run with a bunch of people who enjoy the same thing as us. I don’t think we have time to do any more races in 2015, but we look forward to trying to fit some into our schedule next year, and maybe a destination race.

At the start line waiting for my corral to go
Running through the town of Lutry
On the second leg of the course, after the turn around in Lutry and headed back to Ouchy
After the race in Ouchy with our medals and shirts. A great 10K to start the day!

Well, that was the most of the month. It was nice to have some relaxing weekends, but up until Christmas Andrew and I both  have very busy work schedules. And we won’t be taking any rests any time soon becauseeeee next weekend we are going to MILAN and then the following weekend we are going to LONDON to visit Lauren. Keep an eye out for more updates coming soon, I’ll continue to keep you posted on our adventures!

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