Virginia Part II and Back to Switzerland

My second trip home I had a mix of time with friends and family, followed by the primary reason I was able to come back to Virginia a second time – a week of work in Springfield for one of my Swiss clients. I’m a fan lately of summarizing with some highlights in photos, so here you go:

Shamelessly posting a photo off this little love bug. Our 14 year old girl, Zoe. Loved getting to see this face every morning!
Friday night I went out with a big group of my best girl friends in DC. We had so much to celebrate with Emily’s 29th birthday, Maddy coming in to town from NYC, Layla’s new job and me being in town with all my favorites. We had dinner at Layla’s (amazing home made lasagna) and went out to Black Whiskey So much fun – I wish I could have stayed longer!
Love you girls!
Saturday I went with my Mom to our good family friends Ted and Loraine’s house in the Northern Neck of VA for their annual Danish New Year’s luncheon. It was an all afternoon feast, featuring four courses! My parents have been going to their party for years and always bragged about the food and good times, so I was excited to get to see what it was like. And wow did I finally understand. Ted and Loraine really impress with this meal. I would try to describe the dishes, but I would fail. Lots of fish dishes, a cheese and crackers course (omg homemade Boursin cheese!) and a dessert course of chocolates and cookies. Hopefully the pictures help! Along the way, beer was had from the keg, along with shots of aquavit (a liquor) and a Danish cheers of “Skoal!” It was such a fun party and I was so thankful to attend. My Dad used to love these parties and typically called me afterwards from the couch as he couldn’t walk from eating all the good food and his buzz from the aquavit was still going 🙂 I loved getting to attend the party and really felt his spirit while I was there at an event he loved so much and with people who have spent it with him every year. Thanks for having us and hopefully I will be back again next year!
Dinner Monday night at Carlyle with my Mom, cousin Owen, Owen’s gf Karen

I am now about to board a plane and head back to Switzerland. It has been SUCH an amazing time being back in the U.S. for four weeks. I had the chance to see family many times, visit with friends and eat at some favorite restaurants. Ever since I moved away to California three years ago, I have never had the chance to spend so much time with family and friends, and I was so thankful to have the time! I loved getting to see everyone, and now it’s back to Switzerland!

The new year also means …. it’s time for the audit busy season, so it might be a little quiet on the blogging front as our traveling and adventuring will be a little light until later in the Spring. So bear with me. (I know, I know, poor me 😊) However. We are expecting to go skiing as much as our schedules allow and take advantage of our close proximity to the Alps! I can’t wait to explore the ski villages, see the mountains in snow and get to see what it’s like! I’ll share of course 🙂

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