Snowshoeing in Ovronnaz

Like I said, this winter in Switzerland has been unusual. Today it was 50, sunny and clear when we woke up. After days of clouds, rain storms, snow storms, thunder storms, sleet, hail, you name it – we were so excited. But what do you do in February in Switzerland when <you think> it’s too warm to ski?

Snow shoe!

We drove a little over an hour to Ovronnaz where we rented snow shoes from an outfitter for CHF 15 each and hit the trail.

T shirts in February!

The trail was a little over a mile to climb up the mountainside to get to  our destination, Buvette de Loutze. Neither of us had ever snowshoed before but really enjoyed it.It was a great workout and took us about 50 minutes to climb 1.1 miles (including stops for photos of course). The shoes made it so much easier on the snow and we never “post holed” once. It helped that a lot of people had come before us to pack down the snow and the trail we took on our way down had definitely been groomed.


View from the restaurant, with Grand Combin (4,314 m) and Mont Blanc (4,810 m) off in the distance
In front of the “petite restauration” Buvette de Loutze. Perched up on the mountainside, it was clearly a top destination for a Sunday afternoon with warm weather. Everyone from baby to Grandma made their way up here to bask in the sun, snack on fondue and viande séchée and enjoy the view.

We learned some vet moves from the others on the path as well. We were definitely on the right track by using snow shoes, but to take it up another notch we need to bring up sleds. People were hiking up and sledding down the rolling slopes along the way. It looked SO fun. We’ll definitely be back!

4 thoughts on “Snowshoeing in Ovronnaz

  1. Jessica and Andrew, it’s so enjoyable seeing Switzerland through your eyes and through your fun and unique experiences; it looks like you two have struck the perfect “work-life balance”. Thank you Jessica, for taking the time to journal for those of us who can only enjoy vicariously!

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