Oktoberfest 2016

Only my fourth time to Oktoberfest, and Andrew’s third after our trip last year (see post). We almost didn’t go, but we already had a hotel booked back in January (which we thought we could cancel but ended up being non-refundable – whoops!) so off we went. Turned out we knew a bunch of people headed to Munich at the same time, so it was the best time to go. We stayed at an awesome hotel right across from the train station, the Eden Hotel Wolff, which was convenient for getting to/from the festival grounds on foot and also great for getting around the city.

Andrew arrived on Thursday and I came in on Friday by train. I got there at 1:30 and immediately hit the shopping district as I wanted to buy a couple things aaaand I decided it was time to buy a newer and nicer dirndl. I had researched ahead of time where to go and visited a few “trachten” shops (stores selling traditional Bavarian dirndls and lederhosen). I ended up liking Angermaier Trachten the most for it’s wide selection, prices and they were more organized than a couple others I found. There were SO many beautiful dresses, it was hard to choose!

Inside of the Angermaier Trachten shop

On Friday At 4 I met up with my friend Jim and his girlfriend Alex at my hotel to head for the festival. I met Jim during grad school at JMU and we both worked for KPMG in the DC area. We both moved away from DC in 2012 as he moved to Boston and I moved to SF – it had been a while so there was tons to catch up on!

We met up with Andrew and our friend Lauren (Lauren is our friend from SF that works for KPMG and is on a rotation in London. We visited her last November). We also met up through the night with a handful of other friends of the group as there were a bunch of people coming through from all over the U.S. We had a great group and got a spot at a table in Löwenbräu with a group of Australians. Löwenbräu’s band plays a lot of covers of popular American music along with the traditional Bavarian music. It’s a really fun tent where tons of foreigners like to go. We hung out until about 8:30, rode some roller coasters then called it a night since Saturday would be a marathon.

Alex, me and Andrew
Me and Andrew
Our table on Friday night at the Löwenbräu tent with our fellow Australian and British Oktoberfest partiers 

On Saturday, the drill was as in other years. We didn’t have a reservation so we had to get in line at 7:00am to secure a full table when the tents open. We managed to get an awesome table right in the center of the Paulener Winzerer Fähndl Festzelt. We hadn’t been to it before, but it’s one of the biggest tents (fits nearly 6800 people!) and is known for a good band and having tons of locals. We stayed all day, drinking liters of the Oktoberfest beer, singing and dancing.

A view into the room where they clean all the steins
We all wish we could know how many chickens Oktoberfest goes through during the two week period. Getting a half rotisserie chicken is one of the most common dishes to eat at Oktoberfest, and you see countless chickens going out every hour.
Andrew and the pretzel that was bigger than his head.
For breakfast Saturday: you eat Weisswurst and a side of beer!
Inside the Paulaner tent on Saturday morning at the beginning of the day. You can tell it’s early because no one is standing up yet and most people look pretty well put together 🙂 This does not last long!

Me and Olivia on Saturday
Our table of friends coming from all over – SF, Boston, NYC, London & Lausanne!

On Sunday morning we got up somewhat early (might have had an early bedtime thanks to a day of drinking …) and had coffee and a croissant down in the old city on the Marienplatz by the Rathaus.

The Famous Glockenspiel

Our train back to Switzerland wasn’t until 12:30, so we went back to the festival to have an early lunch. We sat at a table in the biergarten at the Pschorr-Bräursol tent. It was a warm day so very nice to hang out.


Our last half chicken of the weekend, a plate of sausages with sauerkraut, and a cold potato salad. Not many people are aware because they think Oktoberfest is only about the beer, but the food at is absolutely fantastic!

After lunch we rode a roller coaster then headed back to catch our train. Another year at Oktoberfest to go down in the books!

Walking through the carnival side of Oktoberfest

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