2016 Holiday Season in the U.S. 

I was lucky to get to spend three weeks back at home in Virginia from 24 December 2016 – 13 January 2017. The first two weeks were purely holidays for me and the last week was spent working on my client that’s in Virginia.  It was an amazing time filled with time spent with family, friends and being home. Here’s a summary in photos!

Christmas Day my Grandma and I decorated sugar cookies
Our sugar cookies. Decorating these is one of my favorite things to do at the holidays. They come in handy for not only snacking, but also as gifts to friends and family as we visit together through the holidays.
My uncle Gregg and I treated my Mom, Grandma and his girlfriend Kelly to suite tickets at the Washington Capitals vs the New Jersey Devils game at the Verizon Center on 29 December. It was such a fun thing to do all together and awesome to watch the Caps play live!
Family at the Caps game


I met my friends Sally and Andrew when I first moved to San Francisco, bonding over the fact that we had all just moved to CA from from Northern VA. They moved back to VA since then and I got to visit with them and their adorable little boy Charlie for an afternoon.

On 30 December my Mom, cousin Owen, uncle Gregg and I hiked to the Big Schloss, where we spread my father’s ashes. It was cold out and we hiked through passing snow squalls. It was a good time and we were all happy to make it to the mountain together. Afterwards we stopped at the Winery at Lagrange for a wine tasting and hung out together over a glass of wine.

On New Year’s Eve I cooked dinner at home with my Mom, Grandma and Grandpa.


On New Year’s Day I met up with my friends Mark, Heather, Laura, Jenny, Jen & Clay at Masa 14 on U street in D.C. for brunch.


Also two friends from SF that have now moved back home to Virginia, I managed to see Ashley and Kevin in their newly purchased home (congrats!!) and also meet their bundle of fur Huey. So good to see them and catch up!
I drove down to Charlottesville, Virginia to visit with my friend Brandon, from JMU, for a night. I was able to see his new home that he just had built with his Dad, caught up on life over the past couple years and also went out to his family’s property in Buckingham. Oh! And visited with his family’s adorable new black lab puppy Bella, who I nearly brought back to Switzerland with me if she had sat still long enough 😉



I spent my last weekend before working in D.C. with my friends. I had so much fun and loved getting to spend quality time just chatting and catching up on life. Friday night my friend Jenny hosted all the girls for a wine and apps get together. We also played this awesome game Watch Yo Mouth that came out this year. It’s a hilarious game and fun fact: it’s developed by two JMU grads!


JMU, my alma mater, made it into the NCAA FSC National Championship game against Youngstown State (and won!). I went to a watch party at Chinese Disco in Georgetown with a bunch of friends. Also saw some people I hadn’t seen in a handful of years!
With friends at the JMU watch party

The three weeks back in Virginia was fantastic and I am truly so thankful to have had the opportunity to be home for so long. Now, I’m back in Switzerland and it’s started to snow here finally! Sunday Andrew and I made our way to Portes du Soleil, which coincidentally is where we went this exact same weekend last year. The snow was as good as it gets and we managed to get some sun for a part of the day between snow storms. We had a blast and now we’re ready to kick it into gear for the work week. Plenty more winter trips coming up soon!


Just popped over the border into France for some skiing 🙂 Portes du Soleil crosses into both Switzerland and France. It’s a massive network of resorts and was so fun to explore.
Morning drive along the lake towards the Alps. So beautiful with the snow! Believe it or not, it is not common to get snow down by the lake. It’s a rare sight for us and we loved getting to witness it!

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