We spent the weekend up in Morgins mid-February for skiing and relaxation.

Accommodation: Hotel Helvetia. This place was a mere 5 minute walk from the lift and included a spa complete with a jacuzzi, steam room and sauna to ease your muscles after a day of skiing.

Eats: Andrew ate a quick dinner Friday night at The T Bar while I was taking the train up from Geneva after work. Saturday night we totally played our cards wrong. We forgot that it’s high season in the mountains and that these little villages only have a handful of restaurants (and thus réservations as they generally only do 1 seating a night and maybe squeeze in a second – restaurant meals are 2.5-3 hour affairs and they are careful to not overbook themselves). At 8:45pm we tried to get a table and our hotel concierge found the LAST table available in the village at 9:30! oops! Lesson learned. We ended up having an incredible meal at Les Fountaines Blanches, where I enjoyed duck and Andrew had his first steak sur ardoise. This is a method of serving beef where they give you a piece of raw steak on a hot stone. You get to cook it to your preference on your own table. 

Activities: Andrew was able to take off work on Friday to ski while I slaved away at the office. Then we skied together both Saturday and Sunday. Morgins provides access to Portes du Soleil, which is the same area we’ve skiied a few other times (see this post when we skiied out of Champéry in January). This is the network that allows you to access ski areas for a huge area and overlaps the border of Switzerland and France. We skiied a huge distance in both countries and got to see a lot of the area we hadn’t skiied before. Including lunch in France! On Saturday afternoon we enjoyed the après ski and the spa at the hotel. Overall a fun time! Here are some photos of our weekend…

A view of the village of Morgins. Typical Swiss mountain village, but in a flat-ish valley, which is rare. Usually these places are perched up high on a mountain side and very steep.
The Church in the center of the village, with the bells outside. The bells played a really long song a few times over the weekend.
Skiing in front of the Dents du Midi, our backdrop for a lot of our skiing this past weekend.
You may recall that we took a trip to hike up the Dents du Midi this past summer in this post. That peak we almost completed hiking is the highest one on the far right. We stopped just below the peak.

Yours truly + Andrew (in my goggles reflection)
Love this photo of the mountains on our ski down from the top at the end of the day on Saturday.

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