March weekends in Saint-Luc & Anzére


The first weekend of March took us back to Val d’Anniviers. You may recall we took my Mom to the village of Grimentz back in December in this post. This village is closer to the entrance of the valley and on the opposite side – so it got a bit more sun!

20170305-st luc-012
View of the valley. That’s the village of Grimentz in the center

Transportation: We’re officially car-less now and resorting to public transit. We were worried that it would be awful, painful, time consuming and we’d hate using the train and bus to get up to the mountains. In actuality, we were pleasantly surprised! It was cheaper than a car rental and took about the same amount of time as pick-up/drop-off of a rental car + travel time. Sitting on the train, you can also bring out your laptop or read a book (especially a pro for Andrew since he’s usually the driver). Sure, it’s tough to walk to and from the train station carrying skis, poles, boot bag and a roller suitcase, but we soldiered up and managed. The train and bus only took about 2 hours door to door and the BEST was that on Sunday we cruised on the train by allllllll the traffic on the highway that was slowing everyone else down on their return from the mountains by 30+ minutes. Score on our part!

Accommodation: We rented a little 1 bedroom Airbnb chalet in the village. We are not able to use Airbnb very often since it requires meeting the owner to exchange keys on their schedule and we often arrive at destinations late at night, but it worked out for us this time to catch the owner in the afternoon. She even let us have the house all day on Sunday. The house had a balcony with a breathtaking view of the entire valley and even the Matterhorn off in the distance!

20170304-st luc-015
Our cozy little living room with the balcony out front
20170304-st luc-020
These storage sheds are all over the canton of Valais. They’re always perched on top of flat stones on stilts and appear so wildly precarious! These are pretty well preserved, but many we see in other villages look like they’re falling apart.
20170304-st luc-018
In the village of Saint-Luc


Friday evening we had dinner at a local spot a few minutes walk from our chalet, the Restaurant la Fougère. Andrew got a pizza and I had their filet of perch. It was a really great restaurant and a nice change after our sub-par dining in Lauterbrunnen the previous weekend.

Saturday we took advantage of having a full kitchen in our Airbnb and cooked at home. I tried my hand at Papet Vaudoise, which is a local dish from Andrew and my our canton of Vaud. It’s a local boiled sausage along with a side of leeks and potatoes. It definitely was not a light meal! It wouldn’t be possible to make in the U.S. since we wouldn’t have access to the sausage, but I would definitely make the leeks and potatoes again in the future – maybe just reduce the cream to lighten it up 😉

20170304-st luc-014


Saturday the forecast was for snow and wind. Perfect time to strap on some raquettes (snowshoes) and hit the trail! We hiked up a local mountain to the Hotel Weisshorn. Overall, a moderate 2 hour hike up to feel like we earned our papet vaudoise 🙂 We stopped for a light lunch at the Hotel Weisshorn before walking back down. There was low visibility and snow for the majority of the hike, but it was super nice to be on the trail to get some exercise and walk through the quiet forest in the snow. Afterwards we stopped at the local bar for après ski (errr après raquette?)  at the Tapouk Bar.

20170304-st luc-021

20170304-st luc-017

Sunday the forecast was for sun in the morning and to switch to snow in the afternoon. To ensure we got the best snow, we woke up and caught the funicular early to the pistes. We were even the first in line for the lifts! Getting up there early paid off big time. The snow was the best we’ve seen this winter, we made fresh tracks on the mountain and enjoyed the limited crowds.

20170305-st luc-008

20170305-st luc-009
View of the piste from the top of the mountain. We were about to be some of the first to carve some fresh tracks in the snow


20170305-st luc-006

Overall it was an awesome day of skiing and a great time. We left around 1, had a snack and drink on the terrace at the Gîte Restaurant de Prilet and then headed back to our airbnb to pack up. Sure enough, it was snowing by the time we left. Such a fun weekend in Saint-Luc!


This past weekend was the annual KPMG Suisse Romande Audit Corporate ski weekend in the village of Anzère. This village is the next ski station over from Crans-Montana, where we went with KPMG last year (see post). We stayed at the Hotel Zodiaque, which was right in the center of everything with most things within a 5 minute walk. The days were sunny and warm, so the snow wasn’t so great (except for one long run on the mountain that we skied a bunch) but we had fun and managed to ski a bit with co-workers. Well, we tried to keep up with our co-workers. They such fast skiers! Saturday events included a KPMG group photo at lunch, an après ski at a bar in the village, a group dinner, a visit to the bar, and finally dancing at a mountain club (we made it to all events but the last). Overall, another fun KPMG ski weekend!

KPMG Ski weekend 2017 - group shot
Group shot with some of our co-workers and their families


View of the piste and looking across the valley



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