Lauren’s visit

This past weekend our friend, Lauren, came to visit. I met Lauren while working for KPMG San Francisco. Andrew and Lauren went to college together at Santa Clara University and have been friends for a while. Lauren is also on assignment for two years, working for KPMG in London, and started work abroad around the same time we did. She arrived late Friday and left Sunday night and we packed a whole lot into those two days!

In the early afternoon on Saturday, we hopped on the train and went to Montreux, a town just southeast of Lausanne and also on Lac Léman.

View of Lac Léman and Château de Chillon from Montreux
We walked from Montreux for 45 minutes along the lake, through lakeside gardens all the way to the Château. We had late lunch at Restaurant Taverne du Château de Chillon, overlooking the lake. After taking in the view and checking out the castle, we took the train to Rivaz and stopped at the Lavaux Vinorama to sample some local wines. There was so much to talk about as we caught up on the last few months since we saw each other in SF and chatted about what it has been like to adjust to living and working abroad.

Saturday adventures in Montreux and wine tasting in Lavaux
Saturday night we went out to dinner followed by drinks at some bars in Le Flon. We tried a restaurant Andrew and I had heard about that is set up in the old casino, Brasserie Montbenon. The food was SO good and we will definitely be returning!

Sunday we woke up, got into our Mobility rental car, and hit the road to head for the mountains. Our destination was Glacier 3000, which is a cable car that takes you up almost 3,000 meters (9,800 ft!) to the Tsanfleuron Glacier ski area that also happens to have a cafe, bar, restaurant, gift shop, suspension bridge, and randomly, an alpine coaster bobsleigh ride. Yep, you read that right. It. was. awesome. If you can stomach this video, it shows what it was like going down the ride: Something that would definitely not exist in the U.S. thanks to multiple potential liability issues, we could control the speed and break ourselves! It was exhilarating!

We walked around the top a bit, went over the bridge while encased in the clouds, took some fun photos and then had lunch at the restaurant. We had our first fondue in Switzerland, which was super delicious and we are already considering buying a fondue pot. We live en Suisse. It seems right!

Lauren’s visit was over too soon, but luckily we will see her again later this month when we meet up in Munich for Oktoberfest. ‘Til then, Ms. Tokheim!

Views like this from the road make trips so much more enjoyable
Clearly taking precautions for rockfall on the road very seriously
View of the mountains from the road
View going up the Glacier 3000 cable car
The mountain top coaster bobsleigh ride atop Glacier 3000
Our first fondue in Switzerland! So cheesy!

View from the restaurant on top of the mountain. Can only imagine what it looks like when there aren’t clouds around!!
View from the cable car at Glacier 3000