Caves Ouvertes Vaudois & A Spring Hike

We had a three day weekend due to a public holiday on Monday. The second in two weeks, which is entirely welcome! Friday we went to drinks after work in the city of Neuchâtel for a co-worker’s going away. Saturday we did some errands then met up with our friend Kevin for drinks and dinner.

Sunday was the Caves Ouvertes Vaudois, which is the open wine cellar day in the entire canton of Vaud (our state/province in Switzerland). We targeted Lavaux, and walked from Cully to Rivaz. The deal is similar to the Chardonne caves ouvertes we visited last Fall (see post) but was for a much bigger area. We paid CHF 20 for our wine passport which included a glass, a map, and allowed us to wander from cellar to cellar to taste the local wines.



In the village of Espesses, this was one of the open cellars. 

It was a beautiful spring day and there were tons of people out. Eventually we bought a bottle of wine we liked and sat on the wall of a vineyard drinking wine, eating cheese and bread and taking in the view.



Village of Rivaz


Monday we strapped on our hiking boots for the first time since last Fall! We went to the town of Les Plans-sur-Bex. It was a crisp, Spring day and absolutely beautiful!

This lovely field of flowers greeted us as we set out on our first hike of the year.


A great view of Grand Muveran (3,051m) on the left.
About halfway up we made it to our first lookout at a meadow named Le Cheval Blanc or the “The White Horse”. There was no white horse to be found, but plenty of white capped mountains!


We had lunch at this spot on the top of Tete à Bosset. What a great way to spend the afternoon. The clouds rolled in a bit thicker, but it cooled us down after a strenuous hike up.
Spring flowers were just starting to bloom. There were so many crocuses blanketing the ground, we eventually gave up trying to not step on them!